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Ventrilo Information
Oct 7, 10 12:13 PM
MAIN SITE FEATURES to be apart of..
Oct 5, 10 3:42 AM
REGISTERING TIP - Look here!!!
Oct 4, 10 6:37 PM
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Battle(s) in progress: No fortress battle in progress.
Upcoming: No expected fortress battle
Fortress Status
Elyos 8, Balaur 0, Asmodians 5
Artifact Status
Elyos 21, Balaur 11, Asmodians 8
Game News    
Unforgiven is currently recruiting the following:

CURRENTLY we are inactive although I plan on bouncing back and taking legino point one of these days.  Any ?'s, please let us know :).
  If you're looking to join our legion or site, than you might want to check us out /wink /wink :)!!!!
  Please feel free to look around and learn more about our legion.  Note that site features and content are limited for non-members, a lot more pops up once you join.  If you are interested in joining WAGGW and/or want to learn more about us, please post a FORUM post (or email me on the site - either way works)!  Better still, you can contact me in game or via game-mail and we will get back to you pronto!
BG = Siadena, Siadina, Siedina, Siadyna, Syadyna, etc, :)

      <3 Siadina - Unforgiven Site Manager

Guild News    

Ventrilo Information

Siadina-VZ, Oct 7, 10 12:13 PM.

Passwords are in the "members" section of the forums.

MAIN SITE FEATURES to be apart of..

Siadina-VZ, Oct 5, 10 3:42 AM.
A couple of the main features to point out for members to take advantage of right off the bat!:

1.  The "Calendar." 
Any and all members can list/schedule events on the calendar.  If you know you're going to be on and want to run something other Legionaries might also want to attend - list it!  Legion group events and regular happenings scheduled by the officers do have veto, so please don't schedule anything over those if they're already listed.
2.  The "Forums." 
Obviously, the forums are a staple connection point on any legion web site and ours are up and running THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SITE - SO BE SURE TO CHIME IN FROM TIME TO TIME AT LEAST!!!   The officers have their own forums to chat/pow-wow, the members of our legion as well, and there is a "general" forums that even visitors to the site can read. 

That's about it for now team - get registered (See "New Members" news post about doing that first) and stay in touch here on the site!  xxoo - Siadina

REGISTERING TIP - Look here!!!

Siadina-VZ, Oct 4, 10 6:37 PM.

If you are about to fill out an application to join the site/legion, please do the following.  We like to have site names and character main names the same (mostly) for identification purposes.  Unfortunatey in GP they use site names as universal amongst all GP sites, so you're char "name" might already be taken.  This blows, but please simply do this.  "If" your character name is already take when you fill out your login/app, please just make your site account here be "(charname)-VZ" - for Vaizel.  For example, my site name is "Siadina-VZ" because "Siadina" is used somewhere on a GP account.  I know this is annoying, but once you register once like this, you'll never have to again. 
Lastly - click at the top of the home page where is says "JOIN NOW" if you'd like to register.  Once you register you will be given limited site access where you then need to proceed to the "Legion Application" forum.  There fill out an app by answering the questions and the Officer staff will review your app ASAP and your access will be raised to "member" and you will receive a legion invite.  Thanks for applying and welcome to "Unforgiven!"

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